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Membership Benefits

  • Access to Hundreds of Resources

    Members will have access to hundreds of resources from an award-winning middle school science teacher.

  • Save Prep Time

    Evenings and planning periods don't have to be spent scouring the internet for engaging activities.

  • Save Money

    A membership to the Kesler Science Lab allows you access to thousands of dollars worth of resources for the cost of a few lattes.

Lab Membership Resources

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What Are Current Members Saying?

"The lab has given me a direction on what needs to be presented to my students. My state is very unclear on what the standards are, what information is important to present, activities are provided to direct the student's learning, and most of all.....  time saver!!!!!!!!"  - Jeff I.

" Kesler has quality products that are teacher approved.  Not like your typical curriculum." - Lisa B.


"I was on the fence, but I thought I'd give it a try.  When I opened the lab, I was overwhelmed by how simple it is to navigate, the wealth of resources, and of course how these lessons are easy to teach and enjoyable for both the teacher and the student!  Seriously, where was this 15 years ago?" - Kendra M.

Coming in 2019

As a Lab member, you will also be able to access all of these brand new resources as part of your membership...and you'll get them before anyone else!


  • Is there a time commitment for the membership and can I cancel at any time?

    The yearly subscription is good for one year from the time you purchase. You will have access to thousands of resources for the entire year. You can cancel the subscription any time prior to next year's renewal but there are no refunds (see below). I'm confident the membership will provide you so much value that you wouldn't even consider canceling :)

  • If I already own the 5E bundle is this still worth joining?

    Thanks for purchasing it! The 5E bundle is only one component of the Kesler Science Lab. You will continue to own the licensing rights to your purchased bundle whether you are a member or not, but joining will give you access to so much more.

  • Will I get access to new materials in the membership?

    Absolutely. Not only will you get access to the new materials, you will get it first...sometimes months in advance.

  • Will I be able to download/print items in the membership?

    Yes. However, documents are changed and updated all the time. The site is designed so that you can access the most updated material when you need it. I want to save you as much time as possible. You can view more information about the refund, cancellation, and billing policies here through the link at the very bottom of the page.

  • Can I make payments on on a payment plan?

    At this time, the only subscription available is on an annual plan.

  • Why wouldn't a middle school science teacher sign-up for the Kesler Science Lab?

    Ok, so I made that last question up. In all seriousness, I have tried to make this the biggest "no-brainer" decision you could possibly make regarding your own sanity and classroom lesson planning. You owe it to yourself and to your students.

  • What is the refund and cancellation policy?

    At the very bottom of the page is a Terms & Policies link.

  • Can we share a license or membership?

    Each teacher will need their own license. Kesler Science is able to provide affordable resources directly to teachers and districts and asks that abide by the terms of the license to keep prices low for everyone.

School and District Purchase Orders

Purchase orders from schools may be used to pay for a Kesler Science Lab membership. Request a quote here.

  • Bulk discounts available for multiple teachers.

  • District-wide memberships available.

  • Purchase orders accepted.

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