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Lab Safety Classroom Posters

Product Description

Brighten up your science lab and keep your students safe with these ready-to-post science lab safety posters! There are 43 posters included and each one includes an important science lab rule as well as a creative hashtag related to that rule. You can choose to either set up a larger display with the included banner or use the smaller poster to have an interactive poster display where you can swap out rules depending on what lab you are doing and what rules are most important for that day.


• A title banner that reads, "Science Lab Rules” for a large bulletin display
• A smaller poster that reads, “Today’s Lab Rules” for an interactive poster display
• 43 individual posters each with an important science lab rule with a related creative hashtag

When appropriate, the posters also provide the scientific explanations behind the facts.


• Wear your safety goggles. #ProtectYourPeepers
• Always report all accidents. #SpillsAndBreaksHappen
• Throwing objects is not permitted. #NotABasketballCourt
• Never smell any chemicals #WaftInsteadofWhiff
• No unauthorized experiments #NotAMadScientist

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