• Save Time

    Each STEM challenge comes complete with an introductory video, teacher notebook, PowerPoint, and student notebook. The entire process is done for you.

  • Solve Real-World Problems

    Unlike many of the STEM challenges found online, these are written for middle school students. Each challenge takes on a 21st-century problem and walks students through the engineering design process.

  • Aligned to Standards

    The STEM challenges are aligned to the middle school TEKS and NGSS standards.

Included in Every STEM Challenge

The STEM challenges are comprehensive resources that provide the teacher the confidence to run a smooth and efficient lesson.

  • The slideshow presentation (PPT) allows the teacher to facilitate the pacing throughout the project.

  • The student notebook will guide the student through the activity. The questions will challenge students to learn new information, reflect on learned information, and provide the students a framework for the entire project.

  • Each lesson is written using the Launch process. Students are going to be brainstorming with their peers and reflecting on failures and opportunities.

Sample Introductory Video

STEM Challenges Included

Project: Rocket Launch - Create Rocket That is Ready for Launch
Project: Birdman - Design a Bird Beak for a Feeding Frenzy
Project: Electric - Design a System to Harness Wave Energy
Project: Hurricane Defender - Build a Hurricane Proof House
Project: Inhabit Mars - Build a Landing Device for Mars
Project: Lunar Base - Design a Lunar Colony
Project: Move - Design a Pulley System To Move a Heavy Load
Project: Save the Oceans - Design a Device to Clean the Oceans
Project: Skydive - Design a Parachute For Your New Business
Project: Thrills - Design A Fast and Furious Roller Coaster
Project: Wind and Sky - Create a 21st Century Turbine
Project: Explore Mars - Create a Space Probe for a MARS Mission

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Do you take purchase orders from a school?

Yes, you can view the school purchase order process here.

Are the lessons written to specific standards or grade levels?

Yes, all of the lessons are aligned to middle school TEKS and middle school NGSS standards.

Do I get access to all of the files immediately with the payment plan?

Yes, you will have access to all of the labs immediately. You will continue to have access to the labs once the payments are made in full.