Station Labs Benefits

  • Student-Led

    The station labs have been created to be student-led. Students will take ownership of the new content in ways which will increase their engagement.

  • Increased Content Retention

    Students are presented similar content through a variety of mediums which allows them to retain and understand more of the information.

  • Plug and Play

    The station labs use a framework that is easy to set up so that students can focus on what to learn rather than what to do. Easy prep!

Included With Every Lesson:

The following checklist outlines the documents and activities which are included with each station lab.

  • Four output stations included: Organize It, Illustrate It, Write It, Assess It

  • Four input stations included: Watch It, Explore It, Read It, Research It

  • Each station includes all of the signage, literature, resources, and task cards for the students to complete them independently or with a group.

  • Suggested answer key for the teacher

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Station Lab Signs
    • Editable Station Lab Cards
  • 2
    Average Speed
    • 2 Exploration - Average Speed Station Lab
  • 3
    Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
    • 2 Exploration - Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Station Lab
  • 4
    Motion Graphing
    • 2 Exploration - Motion Graphing Station Lab
  • 5
    Net Force
    • 2 Exploration - Net Force Station Lab
  • 6
    Newton's Laws - First Law
    • 2 Exploration - Newtons 1st Law Station Lab
  • 7
    Newton's Laws - Second Law
    • 2 Exploration - Newtons 2nd Law Station Lab
  • 8
    Newton's Laws - Third Law
    • 2 Exploration - Newtons 3rd Law Station Lab
  • 9
    Simple Machines
    • 2 Exploration - Simple Machines Station Lab
  • 10
    • 2 Exploration - Work Station Lab

Force and Motion Station Labs Bundle

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