What's Inside

  • Differentiated versions

    Certain templates come in a basic and advanced version for differentiated learning. The full bundle contains hundreds of topics for middle school science.

  • Answer Keys

    Examples of the completed templates are included. Great for absent students or students which require modifications.

  • Printing Options

    Both color and black-and-white versions of the templates are included in the bundle.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Body Systems Interactive Notebooks
    • Body Systems Print INB Bundle
    • Body Systems Digital INB Bundles
  • 2
    Chemistry Interactive Notebooks
    • Chemistry Print INB Bundle
    • Chemistry Digital INB Bundles
  • 3
    Earth Science Interactive Notebooks
    • Earth Science Print INB Bundle
    • Earth Science Digital INB Bundles
  • 4
    Ecosystems Interactive Notebooks
    • Interactions in an Ecosystem Print INB Bundle
    • Ecosystems Digital INB Bundles
  • 5
    Energy Interactive Notebooks
    • Energy Print INB Bundle
    • Energy Digital INB Bundles
  • 6
    Force and Motion Interactive Notebooks
    • Force and Motion Print INB Bundle
    • Force and Motion Digital INB Bundles
  • 7
    Space Interactive Notebooks
    • Space Print INB Bundle
    • Space Digital INB Bundles
  • 8
    Structure of Life Interactive Notebooks
    • Structure of Life Print INB Bundle
    • Structure of Life Digital INB Bundles
  • 9
    Weather Interactive Notebook
    • Weather Print INB Bundle
    • Weather Digital INB Bundles

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Put the power of INB's to work in your class.

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