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Science is Weird Classroom Posters

Product Description

Show your students how strange, crazy, and weird science can be by decorating your bulletin board with these 40 posters. Each poster gives a surprising or weird fact related to science. You can choose to either set up a larger display with the included banner or use the smaller poster for a weekly interactive bulletin with one fact a week to last you the school year!

Students will definitely take notice of these eye-catching posters, and it may even inspire them to do further research!


• A title banner that reads, "Science is Weird!" for a large bulletin display
• A smaller poster that reads, “Science is Weird” for an interactive weekly poster display.
• 40 Individual posters with a surprising or weird science fact (many different science disciplines included).

When appropriate, the posters also provide the scientific explanations behind the facts. SAMPLE FACTS (EXPLANATIONS INCLUDED ON POSTERS).

• The spine elongates by up to 3% in space.
• Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
• Grasshoppers have ears on their stomachs.
• The height of the Eiffel Tower changes depending on the weather.
• Human saliva contains a painkiller 6 times more powerful than morphine.

Science is Weird Classroom Posters

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