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  • 40 Science Articles That Don't Suck

    The articles span across a wide variety of fun and interesting science concepts from earth, physical, and life science. They are actually fun to read!

  • Save Prep Time

    Everything has been done for you. Simply print them out and you're ready to go. On top of using them with your class, these are great for sub plans, in-school suspension work, extra credit, etc.

  • Leveled Passages

    Each passage has two different reading levels. The first reading level is upper middle school and lower high school. The second reading level is lower middle school and upper elementary.

Science Reading Comprehension

40 original informational text articles written by Chris Kesler & The SuperHERO Teacher. These articles cover a variety of different science-themed topics and are designed to be read and completed within a 25-30 minute time period.

What's Included

- Appropriate for grades 6-8 middle school (and higher level 5th graders)
- Lexile levels: 1100-1300 (2 Reading levels available per text)
- Corresponding questions and activities for all of the articles included.
- 5-7 questions each
- Hands-on, interactive projects/activities
- Students will highlight, underline, circle, and star their answers in the text to improve critical thinking skills.
- Cornell notes template for students if needed.
- Table of contents and detailed student directions on each activity page.
- Engaging, colorful graphics that can easily be printed in grayscale.

Science Articles Included

Acoustical Instruments
Electric Cars
Aurora Borealis
Autonomous Vehicles
Bay of Fundy
Can You Hear Me Now?
Cave Food Pyramids
Childhood Obesity
Cloning Extinct Species
Creatures from the Deep
Dinosaur Sue
Exoplanet Hunter
Exotic Animals
Flying High: Hot Air Balloons
Forensic Science
Fossil Formation
Hawaiian Hot Spots
Inherited Traits
Inmate Firefighters
Keep Austin Batty
Lifecycle of Salmon
Mapping the Ocean Floor
Mars: The New Frontier
Monarch Butterflies
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Use It or Lose It
Rainforest Medicines
Becoming an Astronaut
Super Athletes
Surviving Lightning
Killer Whales
The Power of Likes
Hurricane Harvey
Water Pollution
Where Does Your Trash Go?
Where Does Your Water Come From?
Zombie Brains

Distance Learning

The reading passages now include files for your remote learning environments such as Google Classroom. Each article now includes:

- Online Student Answer Sheet (using Google Forms) for every reading passage
- Distance learning directions PPT and video tutorial
- PDF of each on-level reading passage without the answer key (can be sent to students)
- PDF of each modified-level reading passage without the answer key (can be sent to students)
- PDF of Student Answer Sheet (can be sent to students) for use with PDF editors when Google Forms aren't allowed

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