Inquiry Labs Benefits

  • Hands-On Learning

    The inquiry labs provide middle school students with hands-on science experiments. They are differentiated into three different levels so that all students can be successful.

  • Standards Alignment

    All of the inquiry labs are aligned to the middle school TEKS and middle school NGSS standards.

  • Save Time

    Save yourself loads of prep time and start focusing your energy on teaching the content. The labs are complete and ready to use, but if you need to make some changes they are editable too :)

Inquiry Labs Product Overview


This product is a growing bundle and will not be fully completed until August 2018.  The benefit of a growing bundle is that you get the labs as they become available between now and the completion date and also get them at the lowest price.

Included With Every Lab:

The following checklist outlines the documents and activities which are included with each science topic.

  • 3 modification levels: Independent Inquiry, Dependent Inquiry, and Modified Inquiry.

  • Completely editable to meet the needs of your students

  • Designed to take your focus off of lab creation and put it back into true hands-on experiences

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Atmosphere Inquiry Lab
    • Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 2
    Convection Currents
    • Convection and the Sun Inquiry Lab
    • Convection and the Sun Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 3
    Greenhouse Effect
    • Greenhouse Effect Inquiry Lab
    • Greenhouse Effect Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 4
    • Hurricanes Inquiry Lab
    • Hurricanes Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 5
    Phases of Matter in the Water Cycle
    • Phases of Matter in the Water Cycle Inquiry Lab
    • Phases of Matter in the Water Cycle Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 6
    • Volcanoes Inquiry Lab
    • Volcanoes Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 7
    Water Cycle
    • Water Cycle Inquiry Lab
    • Water Cycle Inquiry Lab Editable
  • 8
    Weather Maps and Air Pressure
    • Weather Map Inquiry Lab
    • Weather Map Inquiry Lab Editable

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